Uttarakhand Music (Uttaranchal Music)

The term uttarakhand music (i.e uttaranchal music or uttarakhand songs) is used to denote folk,religious and contemporary music from both kumaon and garhwal regions of uttarakhand. The term uttarakhand music is also used to denote the unique experience of the faithful who enjoy the traditional chalariya dance or hum to the latest musical numbers ( both Garhwal music and Kumaon music ).

The hills of himalayas have inspired generations of singers and musicians throughout the ages. The natural beauty of the mountains that inspires a deep spirituality, and the values of life have resulted in Uttarakhandi music having a mix of lyrical texture and reprsentying the social,cultural ethos of the place. Although, increasingly influenced by trends in Hindi film music (with Garhwali songs and Kumaoni songs set to filmstyle music), the more traditional forms of Himalayan music have remained deeply popular. This has been especially true of the Pahari penchant for folksy values, biting humour, raw honesty, loving devotion, and soaring spirits that shines through each of the Uttarakhand songs. This page has complete listing of uttaranchal music albums and other uttrakhand songs

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